My wish for next Christmas :-)

For years I have been talking about building something like this and now a company is actually making it. This one is pretty nice, but even as their basic model, it comes at a price tag of $6300. Their slicker and custom one is over 40 grand!

It has most of what I want, but is missing a few needed features. In particular “zero gravity” relax your back reclining mode and a “stand up” mode. Also, for home office use, I wonder if building it out of wood may be a lot cheaper.


The neighborhood is getting crowded!


Looks like little ole Earth may not be quite as unique as we thought. Based on this study there are plenty of planets to form the “Federation”. Now if we can just get past that pesky issue of building an FTLL drive.

Dinosaur-Like Tails Make Terrestrial Mobile Robots More Agile

Always wondered why cats have such mid-air dexterity, then check this out. Fairly obvious when you read it (i.e. using the tail to counter angular momentum), but it leads to lots of interesting applications for robots.

The future of eBooks

This company TouchPress has produced an interesting book on minerals.

It gives one a view on where the future of books might be going. One question is why we haven’t seen these on the web. I.e. your web browser could easily show a book like this as well and there are some flash sites like it. The issue comes down to money. It costs a lot of money to make a not only beautiful and informative but also interactive book. eBooks are that way to make money that just seems to have been missed in a world of the web where ads rule.

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Organovo – Organ Bio-printers

In a previous blog entry, I posted a TED video on organ “printing”. Here’s the company commercializing the research: Organovo. I predict this to big a HUGE industry. Between this and robotic surgeons, we may be bale to bring down the cost of more expensive life threatening procedures and help reduce the impact on MediaCare reserves.

At Annual Convention, Chemists Warm to Cold Fusion\

At Annual Convention, Chemists Warm to Cold Fusion | Popular Science.

Looks like cold fusion is making a big comeback. Better Li Ion batteries, cool new solar cell tech and now this. Seems like lots of energy is around the corner…

With Skinput, Your Body Is Your Keyboard

With Skinput, Your Body Is Your Keyboard

Who knew than when you touch your skin or tap your fingers that measurable transverse and longitudinal waves transmit along your skin. These can be measured and turned into input device information. Combined with a pico projector you arm and hands can be used for full input/output.