Biomemetics – learning engineering from mother nature

Fascinating web site on what we can learn from Gecko’s, cockroaches, etc.

make sure to watch the iSprawl video. Amazing and makes one definitely think of how a cockroach moves.



Another technology challenge with a prize – $25 million!

Feb. 9 – Virgin boss Richard Branson is offering a $25 million prize for the best way of extracting CO2 from the atmosphere.

The Virgin Earth Challenge has the backing of distinguished environment campaigners including former US vice – president Al Gore.

Check the video out here:

SplashCast – another way to do blogs, sort of, video style

Yet another way to do video on the web.  Th idea here is to create your own customized video “channel” for others to watch.  I.e. if you’re into yoga, then hunt up various videos (say on YouTube), pictures, etc. and “publish” them in your channel.  Others can then subscribe to it.  Sort of a player variation on blogging.  Check out here at:

Engineers Design New ‘Origami’ Optics

“The ultrathin optical system could be used in camera phones and other extremely compact imaging devices.”

No more long and bulky lenses?  Yeah!