Good programming strat for noobs

Check out this site that has an interesting IDE for noob/wannb programmers.  Its’ a very visual way to program and create visual output. A greta place for kids to start learning programming too.

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  1. Nice find, I’ll have to explore…however in the hinterlands of Northern Virginia our high school is subjecting our daughter to a full year of Java object-oriented programming with JKarel++, JGrasp, JDK, JRE, J, J, J… There is NO background/overview provided for the students; just toss em in the Java ocean and see who can swim. 2nd week in and she (and me) can barely keep our nose above water.

    public class a { void whatisthis() { // why are they doing this to me } public static void main(String args[])

  2. Wow, thats’ amazing! They actually do full fledged Java? They didn’t do that here in Indy for my kids (wish they had, well at least for my son). Scary they give no background though; that could be very intimidating. Sure seems like they would have been better using something like in this blog entry. A “gentle” introduction to programming 🙂

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