Making your browsing experience so much better

I have been lately very fond of an application from Microsoft called “OneNote”.  When I look at how I use it, it’s mostly for keeping web clippings and searching of those.  I’ve lately converted from using IE7 to FireFox almost exclusively (IE7 would crash after having something like 30 tabs open, not a rare thing for me). It’s has spell checking (needed for my terrible typing) and and amazing plethora of useful plugins. I fact, this one, Scrapbook, has almost replaced my use/need of OneNote.

Rather than book mark anything while surfing, I now “capture” whole pages.  Scrapbook is unique in that it stores the original URL, so that you can open your “local” copy, or head back to the original on the web.  It has great searching facilities, allows you to create your own HTML notes, annotate your saved web pages, post edit saved web pages to get rid of ads and content you don’t want, stores the pages in non-proprietary straight HTML (very important!!!), has tons of add-ons ,  and many other features, and is FREE!  Run, don’t walk, and go get yourself a copy of this.

In my daily surfing, I use these  two other great tools too.

Wizz RSS Reader for FireFox for all my blog reading.  It’s FREE too, and works pretty well.  I can think of a few things I’d do different, so time for me to send in a donation and a feature request.

Once you’ve added in all these cool sidebar tools, you’ll want a better way to view them than the simplistic sidebar facility that FireFox has.  Plugins to the rescue!  Check out All-In-One Sidebar and you’ll be in sidebar bliss.

Now you may asking, “but Brad, how do you get these blog entries posted so quickly”. Alas, ScribeFire comes to the rescue!  It’s a blog editor hosted inside FireFox (yes, another plugin).  It’s simple and works great and again is FREE.

Powered by ScribeFire.


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