Testing FeedBurner Email Subscriptions

FeedBurner is an awesome way to enhance your blog and effectively add an email list at no cost to you. Check it out.


2 Responses

  1. This is cryptic…are you talking about FeedBurner E-Mail subscription option for blog-vampires who want your postings delivered to their inbox -or- are you referring to the great big glob of unknown potential blog-vampires who are effectively on a distribution list simply because they subscribe to your blog made available thru FeedBurner’s promotional distribution?

    And does this all mean that Mr. Pillow will soon be pondering AdSense profiteering on the cyber-sweat of us poor blog-vampires?

  2. Yes, FeedBurner as E-Mail for blog vampires. My swing dance club currently has a weekly newsletter, which I have to maintain. That involves keeping PHPList up to date and maintained on a server to send out mass emails to our members. By using the FeedBurner email method, I can sign them all up, and then just post to the blog to get the newsletter sent out. This also allows (more importantly) others who I allow to post to our swing dance blog to send the emails out as well. Takes me out of being the middle-man in the email.

    The only issue is that I haven’t found an easy was to sign up all our members on a bulk basis. Still looking into that.

    As regards to monetization…that would be nice 😉

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