Organovo – Organ Bio-printers

In a previous blog entry, I posted a TED video on organ “printing”. Here’s the company commercializing the research: Organovo. I predict this to big a HUGE industry. Between this and robotic surgeons, we may be bale to bring down the cost of more expensive life threatening procedures and help reduce the impact on MediaCare reserves.


At Annual Convention, Chemists Warm to Cold Fusion\

At Annual Convention, Chemists Warm to Cold Fusion | Popular Science.

Looks like cold fusion is making a big comeback. Better Li Ion batteries, cool new solar cell tech and now this. Seems like lots of energy is around the corner…

With Skinput, Your Body Is Your Keyboard

With Skinput, Your Body Is Your Keyboard

Who knew than when you touch your skin or tap your fingers that measurable transverse and longitudinal waves transmit along your skin. These can be measured and turned into input device information. Combined with a pico projector you arm and hands can be used for full input/output.

David Blaine: How he held my breath for 17 min

A fascinating video on how far we can push the limits of our bodies. I would not have even guessed that 17 minutes for holding ones breath was possible. Most of his doctors agreed, yet he did it and even had the doctors help document it. Spoiler…part of the way this is accomplished is to infuse the blood with extra O2 before the attempt. That makes it no less interesting, but less available to the mere mortal. There have been several other articles on the feasibility of respiratory nanobots, respirocytes that could travel through your bloodstream and infuse it with oxygen allowing you to go very long without actually “breathing”.

David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min | Video on

Microsoft demos mobile Surface 3D interface

This is perhaps where touch phones and tablets will be heading. Watch the video, it’s an interesting demo. Now if we can just figure out how to do real-time holography and paint the screen in the air…well, that would be even cooler! 🙂

Microsoft demos mobile Surface 3D interface | Electronista.

George Whitesides: A lab the size of a postage stamp | Video on

This some wonderful  out-of-the-box thinking.  George Whitesides: A lab the size of a postage stamp | Video on has developed postage stamp sized pieces of paper with miniature “diagnostic labs” on them. They think they can get them down to 10 cents per stamp (or test)!