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  1. Did you do some work on a Mac CNC app ten tears ago?

    • Indeed I did! I worked on an app to allow one to open pdf’s and output via G-Code to CNC tables.


      • I was on the wait list for an application called QuickPath but it didn’t pan out.

        Do you have any details?

        Now finally there’s NX CAM for X11 on the Mac.

        I would love to see some other gcode stuff like a backplotter for the Mac as well.

        I will likely take C++ in the Fall,

        It would be great to do a course in XCode/Obj C but they don’t offer that locally.

      • I started QuickPath, but we weren’t sure of the marketability. I know Roland had some competing products. About the same time I got pulle doff on some other projects, so it sort of bit the dust. It could probably be resurrected, but again I’m not sure how many copies could be sold.

  2. Did you go with a stand-alone app or the plugin for Illustrator?

    And who owns the code?

    NX was in a good place to put out their software on all three platforms.

    So it made sense. And their visualization is amazing.

    If you made QP open source maybe I or someone more talented could do something with it.

    Just as a backplotter, it would be useful.

    • We went down both paths, but settled on an app (easier to maintain). I own the code. I’m not familiar with NX. I can’t open source it as it has some licensed technology in it (i.e. code I licensed from a 3rd party). Perhaps I’ll have a chance to look at the code again sometime.

      Take care,

  3. 1) Apple TV
    2) HD Homerun

    and…? Do you have any makes on these items to insure I get the best results? The Homerun seems to have a number of options – dual tuner, silicon dust etc…


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